Marble window sill installation/price and window sill color selection

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

What are the color options for marble window sills? The color selection of marble window sills is mainly based on light tones. The general marble window sills are white, beige, light gray and so on. Because the balcony belongs to the irradiated area, the editor recommends not to use white stones, because white is more reflective and more dazzling, it is recommended to use light gray marble window sill stones. Gray marble window sill panels have the advantages of high temperature resistance, coolness, strong corrosion resistance, high hardness, and not easy to deform. They are highly ornamental and practical in home decoration.

Its high temperature resistance can withstand exposure to the sun in summer without fading or turning white. It is so powerful that it has no friends! Because of its many advantages, there are many factors that determine the price of gray marble window sill panels. The gray marble window sill can be set off with the marble floor tiles of the same color. Simply placing a few flowers on the window sill will slowly reveal a touch of warmth and a little more warmth. Therefore, if the patterned gray marble window sill requires clear patterns, bright colors, and strong pattern regularity, the price will be relatively high.

Gray marble window sills are calculated on the basis of square meters, and the price depends on the type of marble. For example, if Earl gray marble window sills and Bruce gray marble window sills are not the same, the price will be different. The texture is different, the price will be different, depending on what you use. There are also high-end, mid-range, and middle-low grades. Different grades have different prices.

Because the gray marble window sill is a natural marble, the weight will be relatively heavy, so there are many things to pay attention to during installation and construction. Before installation, carefully check the countertop for cracks, scratches, seams, etc. During the transportation and handling of the countertop, avoid bumping and scratching, so as not to increase loss. When installing natural marble window sill panels, it is necessary to find a good location according to the design requirements and pre-install them. The elevation, location, and wall size meet the requirements, the joints are smooth and tight, and the fixing parts are correct. Only then can it be formally fixed and installed according to the fixing method of its structure .

At the end of the installation, the levelness at both ends of the table must be checked. It cannot be uneven at both ends. If the window is not straight, it is recommended that the window sill be installed horizontally. Also check whether the table is loose or hollow.

In fact, the decoration of the window sill does not need to spend much thought, as long as the window sill is simply made of natural marble, its natural texture will become more and more tasteful, and such a window sill is very appreciative. When relatives and friends come to the house, invite them to sit in the sunniest place, which can also show the courtesy of relatives and friends and the fashionable and avant-garde temperament of the host and guest. Looking at the scenery here in your spare time is also a kind of unique enjoyment.


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