Marble stone carving painting a silent poem

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Marble stone carving refers to the art of creating visual and tactile artistic images with a certain space on natural marble, so as to reflect social life, express the artist's aesthetic feelings, aesthetic emotions, and aesthetic ideals. Marble is hard and weather-resistant, and it is the main material for large-scale monumental sculptures. The marble used for carving requires a dense structure, no cracks, no inclusions, and the color pattern meets the modeling requirements.

The earliest stone lion in China, the Stone Loulan Stone Lion - brings forth the new through the old. It fully embodies the majesty, self-esteem and grandeur of the Chinese nation. It symbolizes a kind of wealth, auspiciousness and sacred and inviolable momentum.

It is the treasure of the town of choice for every enterprise with entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit. The Yunlong stone carving in the Forbidden City is carved from a whole piece of moxa leaf bluestone, on which there are nine dragons rolling in the sea water and river teeth; at the same time, there are also five mountain peaks carved with "nine" and "five" together. , implying "Ninth Five-Year Respect". Located in the MoCo Marble Tiles Natural Marble Life Experience Hall in Pinggui Industrial Park, Hezhou City, Foshan, the marble stone unicorn is created through the hard work of skilled craftsmen, not only the pattern is vivid, but also the spatial sense of the whole pattern is stronger.

It means auspiciousness, and it also has the function of town house attracting wealth, which can block the bad luck of stagnant luck for the owner and increase the luck of wealth! Stone reliefs can be used not only in large halls or dining rooms and living rooms, but also on walls, railings, etc. It can make the entire space have an artistic beauty, and it can also prevent the walls from being monotonous. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. specializes in marble mining, processing and deep processing. It mines 2 million m³ of blocks every year and produces about 500,000 pieces of marble handicrafts. It has a professional production team and is the largest natural marble processing factory in our city. It has become a benchmark enterprise in the industry.


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