Marble Seamless Processing Process and Precautions


Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Marble seamless treatment is mostly used for floors. It is recommended to use metal edges or groove edges for wall gaps, which are both beautiful and fashionable, and also reduce the difficulty of wall construction. The seamless treatment of marble can directly improve the look and feel of the entire marble floor, and improve the level and beauty of decoration. Done poorly, stone gaps are where dust and grime get covered up from everyday use.

Clean water stays in the cracks every day, and the stone will be blackened or polluted, resulting in various pollution sources, causing stone lesions, yellowing, infiltration and other problems. Marble seamless processing process preparation; 1. Construction protection: Before construction, the wood veneer, painted surface, wallpaper, wall cover and other decoration projects on the construction site should be protected. 2. Cut vertically to make the marble gap clean, absorb the garbage with a vacuum cleaner, cut the marble sleeve again to flatten the marble gap, and fill the seam with a marble adhesive close to the color of the marble.

3. Adjust the marble adhesive: use the marble special marble adhesive to specify the color, which is close to the color of the packaged marble, and avoid color differences. 4. Seam patch: fill the seam with adjusted marble adhesive. The marble adhesive will shrink somewhat after it has fully set, so the joint needs to be completely filled.

5. Cutting and grinding: professional marble grinding wheel, grinding the height of the joint, making the marble platform a horizontal plane, improving the beauty, solving the problem of the height between the joints, and preventing the joints from turning black again. Matters needing attention in the treatment of marble seams; 1. The marble seams should not be too large. The thickness of the block at the opening should be 0.3.

2. Marble and granite must be thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner after cutting, and black seams must be cleaned specially. 3. The ratio of marble adhesive to curing agent should be moderate. Ensures an even distribution of adhesive from the seam to the marble for a smooth finish.

4. Leave enough space when filling the marble glue so that it is flush with the stone. 5. Be careful when filling the marble adhesive. Stone joints of different colors should be "firm".

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