Marble manufacturers who have been deeply involved in the stone industry for ten years will teach you how to "make a new look" of old marble

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

If you use marble as home decoration, do you also encounter such a bad thing: when the stone has been used for a long time, the floor will be damaged due to daily walking and wear, such as fluffing and bursting grains on the surface of the board? Or become dull and lose its original natural luster? With the development of grinding machinery and the application of diamond grinding technology, old marble can actually restore its original appearance and regain its brilliance! High-quality diamond grinding discs are relatively safe for stone renovation construction. While reducing useless slurry and waste, they can also improve the gloss of the stone surface and achieve a natural bright effect. Refurbished systems generally go through rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing. Coarse grinding is mainly to remove uneven notches and flat concave-convex surfaces, while fine grinding is to remove scratches and smooth the surface, tighten the pores of the stone, and prepare for polishing.

The final polishing process will be carried out continuously with a series of fine diamond grinding discs of different sizes, so that the surface of the stone can be highly polished, thus showing the real natural color and luster. Natural stone is composed of many different minerals that vary in hardness. Bendable (soft disc) diamond discs are primarily concerned with edge polishing of stones, where they remove the softer portion of the mineral.

This kind of flexible diamond grinding disc only floats and grinds on the floor, and cannot grind the stone flat. Because it follows the contours of the stone surface, it produces a wave shape. After polishing, a V-shaped edge appears at the seam opening.

When refurbishing marble, different diamond abrasives are used, as well as different diamond sizes and binders, such as metals, resins and polymers. After polishing, the original natural effect of marble will be obtained, the true color and texture will be displayed again, and the maintenance work in the future will be much easier. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. is an industrial chain group company integrating Foshan white natural marble processing, service and marketing. It has been focusing on stone decoration design for 13 years. The marble it produces has a large storage capacity, high hardness and good brightness. It is many high-end places stone of choice.


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