Marble home decoration has a magical effect

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When it comes to marble, everyone must be familiar with it. It has become one of the most popular decorative materials in home decoration or tooling. With it, the whole house becomes more stylish and gives people a good feeling. It is very popular A favorite of today's customers of all ages! The most common thing in life is to use marble to decorate walls and floors, but in fact marble is widely used in home decoration. The following is an inventory for everyone. Marble can be used as a place for home decoration: Marble door cover example 1. Marble door cover Wooden door cover is the most common in home decoration, because it matches well with wooden doors, and there are aluminum alloy door covers etc. Marble door covers are mostly used on elevator doors, because marble is very tough and will not be easily damaged, so it is very suitable for door covers. In addition, marble has various colors and patterns, and the decorative effect is also very good. 2. Marble baseboard This is the same as ordinary ceramic tile baseboard, but natural marble cannot be directly used as home decoration materials, it must be processed to a certain extent, and the surface needs to be glazed to make it more wear-resistant Ascension, paste the marble skirting line under the wall, which is beneficial to protect the corner from damage.

3. Marble is used as the backsplash wall in the kitchen. Because of the wall cabinets, the backsplash wall is usually formed between the stove and the bottom of the wall cabinet. This part of the wall is very easy to use and can also add a lot of storage to the kitchen. space. It is not recommended to directly paint the backsplash wall with white, it is better to paste it with marble, and mosaic tiles also have to pass, otherwise it will be enough for you to clean. If you encounter sockets or switches, you need to cut the marble in advance to reserve the notch for cutting the installation panel.

4. Marble edge strip At the joint between the mirror cabinet and the wall, or between the wall panel and the joint, you can cut a 10mm wide marble strip to close the edge, which is durable and looks good. 5. Marble is used as a wall panel. Compared with ordinary tiles, the cost of the wall panel is very high, but the wooden wall panel cannot be used in the bathroom or some damp areas, so it can be replaced by marble, which is waterproof and durable , It is just right to install in the bathroom, and there is no need to worry about water seepage on the wall. 6. Marble sinks There are finished marble sinks on the market, which are processed and made. Compared with ceramic sinks, marble has strong stain resistance and is strong. Due to the color and pattern, it is not easy to pick up a little dust. Advantages a lot.

The above lists are just some basic applications of marble in home decoration. In fact, many parts of home decoration can be decorated with marble. It is beautiful and durable, and it is comfortable and safe to use.


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