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Marble home decoration furniture is beautiful and generous, because of its natural and beautiful texture, after polishing, it has a bright luster like a mirror. Whether it is laid on the ground wall or made into coffee tables, desktops, countertops, bar counters, etc., it is very popular among modern owners. Welcome, but marble is a porous material, tea stains, oil stains, stains, etc. caused by family life are easy to stain, so the method of cleaning these stains is very important. When cleaning marble, it is recommended to use less water when cleaning . Marble decoration renderings The correct way: regularly wipe with a slightly damp cloth with mild detergent, then dry and polish with a clean soft cloth. Severely worn marble furniture is difficult to handle. It can be wiped with steel wool and then polished with an electric polisher to restore its luster.

Lemon juice or vinegar is also a good way to clean the stain, but you should be careful not to leave the lemon juice on for more than two minutes. Repeat as necessary, then wash and dry. For minor scratches, special marble cleaners and care agents are available.

When the marble is stained with fruit juice, coffee water, beverages and nicotine, etc., it can be wiped off with washing powder water with a few drops of vinegar, and then rinsed carefully with clean water after wiping. To remove soot on marble, scrub with soapy water. Oil stains on marble can be washed away with gasoline.

When the marble is stained with ink and other stains, you can add a few drops of ammonia water to the water of 20 parts of water to one part of hydrogen peroxide, wipe with a soft cloth dipped in this solution, and then wipe dry and polish with a soft cloth. Well-maintained home decoration marble can keep the whole house in style for a long time, beautiful and generous, and it will have more face whenever guests visit.


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