Marble floor shower room, super practical!

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The shower area is the area with the most open water in the toilet. The use of marble in the shower room can make the simple toilet more life-like; it can not only play an anti-slip role, but also bring comfort to the soles of the feet. The use of marble shower room with similar stone water retaining strips can also make the space of the entire shower room more distinct. The floor of the marble shower room is mainly composed of anti-skid trough plate, water guide trough plate and water retaining strip. The conventional trough treatment is to raise the main bathing place in the middle, lower the four sides slightly, and use a whole piece of stone to pull the middle piece. There are small grooves for easy drainage and non-slip.

Marble grooves are generally made of a whole piece of marble. Its form has a lattice surface and a straight grain surface, but the lattice surface can also be divided into V-shaped and concave-shaped. Among them, the drainage effect of the V-shaped will be more preferred. . The process of "concave" groove is relatively simple, and the price is relatively cheap. There are many types of water retaining strips, generally divided into fan type, round type, diamond type, question mark type, square type, and straight type.

In order to be beautiful enough, the sliding groove plate and the water guide groove plate should be determined according to the style of the water retaining strip. In general diamond shower rooms, only a half-circle drainage groove is made on the side of the glass, so that the water flows in one direction, the drainage is faster, and there will be no stagnant water when taking a shower. Pay attention to the angle and slope when paving, so that the drainage can be faster.

The diamond type is a commonly used style in some smaller bathrooms, and its advantage is that it can make better use of space. The method of making the marble "concave-convex" floor in the shower room can quickly enter the water, dry in seconds, and is non-slip! You can also choose fire surface marble non-slip bricks and hard marble non-slip. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Foshan white marble. The main products are Foshan White, Earl Gray and Elephant White. The company is a comprehensive development company integrating marble mining, design, processing and installation, and is deeply involved in the marble industry. 13 years.


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