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The dry hanging of Foshan white marble has the following requirements for stone materials; the bending strength standard of natural marble (dry and water saturated) is greater than or equal to 7Mpa, the area of ​​a single stone is less than 1.5 square meters, the water absorption rate is less than 5%, and the minimum thickness is greater than 18mm. For stone panels whose bending strength standard value is less than 8.0MPa, additional structural measures should be taken to ensure the reliability of the panel. In severe cold and cold regions, the frost resistance coefficient of stone panels for curtain walls should be less than 0.8.

Stone surfaces should be protected. For stone panels in serious air pollution or acid rain environment, appropriate protective products should be selected to protect the stone according to the type and degree of pollution and the mineral chemical and physical properties of the stone. Dry-hanging stone node process diagram After the stone panel is installed in place, the transverse member should not undergo obvious torsional deformation, and the longitudinal displacement of the support of the panel or the end of the connecting pallet should not exceed 2mm.

Adjacent corner panels should not be bonded. All frame steels shall be hot-dip galvanized. The flat steel and bolts of the fasteners need to be hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel.

Welds must be full and firm. Foshan White Marble Dry Hanging Construction Requirements Steel frame welds must be derusted and then painted with two coats of antirust paint and then coated with silver powder paint. Rear embedded parts cannot be connected by ordinary chemical anchor bolts.

Short stone grooves must be grooved mechanically to ensure that the width of the groove meets the design requirements, and it is strictly forbidden to cut grooves with a portable cutting machine on site. The glue in the horizontal and vertical joints must be full and complete when the joints of the non-separated stone slabs need to be laminated and seated. When the stone surface needs to be glued, the width of the glue seam must be consistent, and the edge of the glue seam must be smooth and straight without burrs.

When the thickness of the dry-hanging stone is 25mm, the square area of ​​a single board should not be greater than 1 square meter. When the thickness of the dry-hanging stone is greater than 25mm, the square area of ​​a single plate should not be greater than 1.5 square meters. The post-planting embedded parts plan requires that the steel plate and corner code be welded and processed in the factory first, and the on-site installation should be carried out after the overall hot-dip galvanizing is completed. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles specializes in customized processing of Foshan white marble dry-hanging specification panels, contact number 400-806-1222 Tel; 189 7840,8396.


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