Marble black and white root and Foshan white market price trend

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

According to our understanding, if the price is lower, the stone will be sold more, and the lower the price, the stone will shrink instead? This is because price wars can free up development space for specific projects of some enterprises in the short term, but if the entire industry forces a price war, the price will continue to decrease, and eventually everyone will not make money, but will end together. The most famous product declines caused by price wars are black and white roots and light schoolbags. There are irregular white and gray lines, and when glossed, it is very useful for decorating floors, countertops and walls.

These two stones responded well when they first appeared on the market. But as the years of barbarism increased, the number of stone factories surged. In order to attract customers, a large number of stones plummeted, the demand for one-time stones surged, and mines were exploited on a large scale, but it is difficult to easily rise when prices fall.

The price of black and white roots dropped from the initial 160 yuan to 90 yuan. The stone processing factory's sales desire was hit, and sales fell. At this time, the mining scale of the mine is very large, and the supply of horse stone exceeds the market demand. The mine can only sell the stone at a low price. If the price drops further, the circulating currency will not benefit the entire market. Compared with black and white roots, Foshan white before the price can be said to be a competitive price transfer.

Around 2000, when Guangxi white first came out, the color contrast was strong and clearly visible, and the price has been rising. By 2012, Guangxi white can still be sold for 200 yuan/square meter. However, with the surge of small processing plants in 2013, the market price plummeted to 100 yuan/square.

Foshan Baishi can be said to be the most cost-effective Baishi today. Foshan white is not only beautiful in pattern, but also cheap in price. It is loved by many merchants and is the first choice for many engineering stone materials.


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