Maintenance knowledge of marble and granite

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Granite is an igneous rock, the main component is silica, the pores are closely arranged, and the hardness is relatively high. Granite is resistant to acid and alkali and weathering. It is generally used for outdoor exterior wall decoration. Because of its high density, it has low water absorption. When protecting, it is advisable to use a protective agent with good permeability. Usually, it is enough to protect it once. When cleaning and maintaining, try to use as little water as possible, even if you use water, it should be dried quickly.

When maintaining granite, it should be pre-treated with a penetrating protective agent, and it can be cleaned with a neutral or weak acid cleaning agent for daily use. For dark granite, the surface dirt will not be so obvious, and cleaning agents should be used reasonably and properly at ordinary times, otherwise it will affect its color effect and make its surface dull. The main components of marble are calcite and calcium carbonate, and its hardness, acid and alkali resistance, and weathering resistance are a little worse than granite, so special attention should be paid to maintenance.

Because its pore arrangement is larger than that of granite, its water absorption will be stronger. If the accumulated water stays on the stone surface for too long, it will absorb part of the water. If it cannot be dried in time, lesions will occur, and it will be relatively troublesome to clean up. Juice, coffee and other slightly acidic and alkaline liquids are more harmful to marble. If they are spilled at ordinary times, they should be wiped clean as soon as possible and washed with clean water. Like some white marbles, such as Foshan White and Dahua White Marble, more attention should be paid to it, and neutral detergent should be used as much as possible for daily cleaning.

For the ground where people walk frequently, the marble floor tiles should be protected with a protective agent. Before the marble is put into use, it should be pre-protected with a permeable waterproof and oil-proof protective agent. It is best to protect it twice. Scratches will be more obvious on dark-colored marbles like Cartier gray marble, because the color of the scratches is white. The maintenance of light-colored white marble like Foshan white marble requires extra care and attention. If there are scratches, you should choose a professional stone maintenance company for polishing in time.


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