List of natural stone numbers by region

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Natural stone has a unified number, mainly including granite (English Granite), marble (English Marble), and slate (English Alate). The naming standard refers to JC/T 202-1992 (1996) natural marble blocks and JC/T 202- 1992 (1996) Natural granite blocks. The natural stone number is named by the English letter of the stone, plus the administrative division code of the People's Republic of China, plus the product code. For example, the number of Foshan Cenxihong granite is G4562, G is the initial letter of granite in English, 45 is the administrative number of Foshan, and the code of Cenxihong No. 62.

In the same way; the number of marble starts with M, and the number of slate starts with A. The administrative division code of the People's Republic of China is 1; Beijing Fangshan code 112; Hebei Province code 133; Shanxi Province code 144; Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region code 155; Liaoning Province code 216; Jilin Province code 227; Heilongjiang Province code 238; Province Code 3410; Fujian Province Code 3511; Jiangxi Province Code 3612; Shandong Province Code 3713; Henan Province Code 4114; Hubei Province Code 4215; Hunan Province Code 4316; Guangdong Province Code 4417; Foshan Zhuang Autonomous Region Code 4518; The code of Guizhou Province is 5220; the code of Beijing is 5521; the code of Gansu Province is 6222; Marble generally only uses the name instead of the code. For example, Foshan white marble is the cheapest white marble on the market, Foshan Baikuangkou also produces white marble, and Foshan white is the most cost-effective among many white marbles.

Foshan white is also divided into gray pattern and yellow pattern. The hardness of yellow pattern is relatively higher than that of gray pattern, and the whiteness is higher. The carving square materials on the market are basically yellow pattern Guangxi white. Mine of Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd.


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