Learn to match stone colors reasonably and have a beautifully decorated home

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In daily life, the effect of home decoration refers to the use of various materials and means owned by human beings to create the best visual effects and satisfy human pursuit of beauty. Among the decorative materials known to mankind, stone has become the designer's choice for its natural gorgeousness and simple texture. Colored marble decoration pictures Due to the natural nature of stone, the brightness and purity of color are not high. Whether it is neutral, warm or cold, its color sense is more natural than artificial products.

Because of its size, its color often determines people's psychological feelings about the space it occupies. Therefore, in this regard, one of the important issues that designers consider in the use of square colors is to reasonably combine various stone colors to improve the overall effect. During the decoration process, you can see the corresponding stone photos, and make an effective and reasonable combination according to the situation . For example, the matching effect of different colors of stone is illustrated: the neutral-colored granite is used as the main material, and it shows the characteristics of peace and stability in space.

If the floor is paved with warm-colored stone, its spatial experience is often warmer and lively, and it is often used in meeting spaces. Cool-colored stone pavement has a quieter and quieter space feel, and is often used in some small communication spaces or closed quiet spaces. If neutral-colored stone is used as the main material for paving the square, generally speaking, its spatial experience is relatively stable.

It is dominated by a large area of ​​warm-toned granite, with an open form and a fluid and lively space. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to effectively match various stone materials according to the environment to be decorated to enhance the visual effect of the entire space. In the same space, granites of different colors are combined to form slight differences and comparisons, which organize and adjust people's visual and psychological feelings. It is also a commonly used design technique in square pavement. The following are the combination effects of some common granite stone colors in international squares: Red The comparison of natural colors expressed by different colors of granite, yellow, blue and white forms the pavement with modern abstract characteristics. The colors are natural, rich and lively. The whole space has a strong sense of modernity. The beige color represented by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Plaza And Indian red as the pavement material, making the whole space active, unified and harmonious in the form of slight difference.

How to influence the vision in interior decoration? 1. Use the temperature sense of color to create a specific indoor atmosphere. Red, orange, and yellow are warm colors on the color wheel, while cyan, blue, and purple are cool colors. Warm and cool colors have different psychological and visual effects.

Warm colors can excite and warm people, so warm colors are suitable for entertainment and sports buildings. Cool colors create an elegant and quiet atmosphere, suitable for living rooms, reading rooms, wards, etc. 2. The weight of color is mainly affected by lightness. Generally, dark colors feel heavy and bright colors feel light.

Proper use of the sense of weight can make the interior space achieve a balanced and stable effect. In order to maintain the stability of the color, the interior space is from top to bottom, the ceiling is the lightest, the wall is darker, and the baseboard and the ground are the darkest. 3. Using the distance sense of color can adjust the scale, proportion and shape of the interior space.

The sense of distance is related to hue and lightness. Warm colors with high brightness are near colors, which seem to shorten the distance between objects and people; cool colors with low brightness are faded colors, which seem to increase the distance between people and objects. At the same distance, warm-colored ceilings will make people feel closer than cool-colored ceilings; similarly, warm-colored walls will make people feel closer than cold-colored walls.

4. The volume sense of the color can improve the effect of the size of the interior space. The sense of volume is mainly related to brightness. The lower the brightness, the stronger the sense of contraction.

The higher the brightness, the stronger the sense of expansion, the thinner the dark column looks, and the thicker the bright column looks. This is the embodiment of the principle.


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