Is the price of marble expensive? How much is the price of marble blocks?

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Marble has a variety of styles, so its price also varies. Prices range from tens, hundreds, to thousands. It is natural and environmentally friendly, with smart and unique patterns. It is an indispensable decorative material for interior decoration and a common choice for many people.

There are quite a lot of different calculation methods for the price of marble. It can be calculated by volume in cubic meters or by weight in tons. The Foshan marble blocks mined from the mine have not undergone any processing, so they will be relatively cheap. The cut and polished marble slabs will be priced by square meter according to their specific size. The large slab of Foshan white marble is about 100 square meters, which is one of the most cost-effective white marble.

There are no two identical marbles in the world, even if they are of the same variety, there will be differences between different batches, different mines, and even products produced by the same factory at different times. Because its patterns and colors can be divided into shades and bright colors, it is so unique that each piece has a different price! The one made of floor tiles can be tens to one hundred, while the one made of background walls can be appreciated to hundreds or thousands of square meters. Marble sellers in the market include marble manufacturers, as well as distributors, even third-level and fourth-level distributors. The price of the same marble product is different at each level.

For example, Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. has its own marble mine and is a marble manufacturer that produces and sells itself. It saves the intermediate links, so the price is relatively favorable. The price of marble will also be determined by the complexity of its production process. Unpolished rough surface and polished mirror surface, simple cutting and polishing and complex water jet mosaic design marble present different effects and embody different values, which also create different price differences.

In fact, when buying marble, you should pay more attention to its quality and other factors. The price is not the most important thing. If you only look at the price, you will easily fall into misunderstandings, and you must have a correct attitude. The most important thing is to make yourself happy. .


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