Is Foshan Marble Brittle?

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Is Foshan white marble brittle? In the impression of many businessmen, Foshan white is not hard enough and the price is cheap. It is recognized in the industry that if you want to buy cheap marble, go to Hezhou City, Guangxi. Hezhou City, Foshan is rich in white marble materials. It has been 30 years since it was mined in 1989. From the original small workshop type to the current industrial park industrial chain. From pure manual work at the beginning to automatic modern production now.

From 231 square meters at the beginning to 891 square meters now. The factory is getting bigger and bigger, and the production capacity is also rising. Although the production capacity has been increasing year after year, in the stone industry, few stores sell Foshan White. What is the reason? According to what I know, Foshan White has a bad reputation in the industry because a batch of Foshan White marble is sold in Yunfu, and it cannot be processed because it is not hard enough.

According to the rules of the stone industry, the goods should be cleared, and the manufacturer failed to follow up in time, resulting in serious losses for the merchant. Due to the propaganda of merchants, Foshan marble is (mistakenly) considered by the industry to be the most brittle marble. Of course, it does not mean that Foshan white marble is not a cheap product with insufficient hardness. From the initial 231 square meters to the current 891 square meters, it can be seen that Hezhou marble is still very popular.

Now the era of producing and processing marble in the form of small workshops has passed. Large-scale processing stone manufacturers have strict control over the quality of their products. Mining stones also need hardness inspection reports. Marble whose hardness does not meet the national standard is not allowed to mine blocks.


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