How to maintain light luxury marble furniture

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The uniqueness of natural marble, the beauty of texture and color difference, and the uncanny workmanship of nature bring out a series of natural works of art, which produce various poses, picturesque and fascinating, and the highlight is its natural beauty. And through the skillful hand of the designer, combining different stone materials with metal, solid wood and other elements, the stone material can be endowed with unique temperament and taste. The emergence of light luxury marble furniture, on the one hand, satisfies the pursuit of quality and fashion of the new middle class, on the other hand, it also brings high-end and exquisite life experience to ordinary consumers, realizing luxury but not expensive, so it is very popular .

Compared with wooden furniture, stone furniture is simple as furniture and has a long service life, unless someone deliberately destroys it. Although the service life of stone furniture is much longer than that of wood, there is still a certain period, and paying attention to maintenance can prolong the service life of stone furniture, so now let the editor take you to learn more about the maintenance methods of stone furniture. Marble Furniture Pictures 1. Prohibit contact with acid and alkali chemicals.

The most chemical substance contained in stone is calcium carbonate, and this kind of calcium carbonate will react chemically after contacting with some acid-base reagents, and at the same time, it will have a bad influence on the appearance of stone. Many stone furniture will have pits and hollows. This is the phenomenon that the stone surface is corroded. The calcium carbonate inside the stone is decomposed to form carbon dioxide and water. It looks like it is damaged on the outside of the stone. 2. When moving, pay attention to the placement of the shape of the stone, and do not hit the stone with sharp hard objects, which will cause scratches on the protective layer of the stone, which is not conducive to the extension of the life of the stone.

At the same time, when moving the stone, if it is a double-layer stone, it must be overlapped and close to each other when moving, and there should be no gaps in the middle. If there is a gap in the middle, it will shake when moving the stone furniture, and it is easy to cause a collision accident, which can directly lead to damage to the stone furniture. 3. Pay attention to cleaning. When using stone furniture, some users will often wax at will in order to maintain the furniture. Who knows that careless users have already damaged the appearance of the furniture.

Because a lot of wax on the market will block the fine pores on the stone furniture, which will make the dust in the fine pores of the furniture blocked and unable to dissipate, and some will make the surface of the furniture yellow, which will further affect the appearance of the furniture. In addition, the place where the stone furniture is placed must be kept ventilated. In fact, the purpose of ventilation is to ensure that the surface of the stone furniture is in a dry state, because if the furniture is kept in a humid state for a long time, the moisture will react with the material in the furniture to hydrolyze and consume. Calcium carbonate inside the stone. Many users will use a damp cloth to wipe when maintaining stone furniture. It is such details that cause damage to the furniture to a certain extent.

As an emerging furniture decoration material, stone furniture has occupied more and more market share in the market in recent years. Another reason why consumers like this kind of furniture is its external beauty and atmosphere, which can show the spaciousness of the space. So, the editor's introduction to the maintenance methods of stone furniture has come to an end. I hope the above introduction can be helpful for everyone to maintain stone furniture.


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