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Natural marble is mainly composed of calcite, dolomite, and limestone. It is a metamorphic rock that has been extruded at high temperature. There are other metal substances, and generally marble contains some impurities, and natural marble is generally softer in nature. Artificial marble is made of unsaturated polyester resin as binder, mixed with white calcium carbonate powder (white marble powder), added with pigment, and compressed and solidified with other ingredients. Artificial stone has relatively high hardness, moisture resistance, acid resistance, and high temperature resistance. It is generally used for exterior wall decoration.

The difference between artificial stone and natural stone is; 1. Artificial stone has no layered texture, and the pattern feels only on the stone surface. 2 The color and pattern of artificial stone are the same without any change, and the texture of natural stone is naturally irregular. 3 There are traces of mold lining on the back of the artificial stone board.

4 The surface of the artificial stone is clean and without texture, and the natural stone has platinum and a little texture due to uneven impurities and different hardness. 5. The color of artificial stone is bright, but it is not natural. 6. The knocking sound of artificial stone is different from that of natural stone. 7. The general gloss of artificial stone is lower than that of natural stone. 8. The color penetration of artificial stone is only on the surface. There are no particles on the surface of the board, and many natural stones can see large or small particles. Generally, artificial marble is mostly used for outdoor and kitchen stone decoration, while natural marble is used for interior decoration, and the one with high hardness can be used for outdoor decoration. , For some rumors that natural marble has radiation, it is nonsense. The radiation of natural marble is only one percent of the radiation of mobile phones. Because artificial stone is made of polyester resin, it has a little formaldehyde, so it is generally not recommended to use in the living room.


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