How to distinguish between natural marble and artificial marble


Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

There is not much difference between natural marble and artificial marble in appearance. The easiest way to identify it is; drop a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid, and the surface of the plate will have severe bubbles, which is natural marble. For a long time, people have mistakenly believed that natural marble is radioactive, and it is inevitable to have scruples when buying marble furniture or marble decoration. In fact, the radioactivity of natural marble is very low, and will not cause harm to the human body at all. The artificial stone is the most radioactive. Many people cannot distinguish between natural marble and artificial marble, and mistakenly think that marble is highly radioactive.

Advantages of natural marble; natural pattern, good hand feeling after polishing, strong hardness, much more wear-resistant than artificial stone, not afraid of coloring, pores, and penetration defects; some have radiation, the stone is relatively brittle, the surface of the board has platinum, marble and marble The joints between marbles are very obvious and cannot be seamlessly connected. Advantages of artificial stone; no radiation, various colors, certain toughness, and seamless splicing; Chemical composition harmful to the human body, easy to deform 1 It can be distinguished by tapping the two kinds of stones, and the natural stone has a clear and crisp sound when tapped. 2. It can be distinguished by looking at the stone surface. The texture of natural stone has a sense of layering. The texture of artificial stone is only attached to the surface of the plate. 3. It can be distinguished by scratching the surface of the stone with nails. It can be distinguished by observing the surface of the slab. Most of the natural stone slabs have a few cracks, which is not the case for artificial stone. Artificial stone is mainly composed of calcium carbonate. The main component of Foshan white marble in my country contains 99% calcium carbonate, and the storage capacity reaches 26. billion cubic meters, Foshan Hezhou is the largest marble mining base in South my country. The main products are Foshan white marble, earl gray marble and Foshan red jade marble. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles is the largest natural marble manufacturer in our city.


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