How to deal with moldy natural white marble

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

In modern life, the use of natural marble for kitchen and bathroom home decoration has become a norm, because compared with other decoration materials, natural marble has a natural pattern, the decorative effect is fresh and natural, freehand, and has good waterproof and moisture-proof effect; Among them, Foshan white marble belongs to the white background and light-colored marble, which is the most widely used marble variety in kitchens and bathrooms. Foshan white marble pictures However, even though Foshan white marble is relatively good in moisture resistance, it is easy to breed mold in a humid environment for a long time. Moldy marble not only affects the overall decorative effect, but also affects the user's safety. Health, so how to deal with moldy Foshan white marble? In fact, the method is very simple. When dealing with mildew on the countertops and bathroom walls of light-colored marble such as Foshan White, you must first stop using water, open the windows, and dry the sinks and bathroom walls. Use a cleaning pad sprayed with emery on one side, dipped in VD stone pigment remover for cleaning.

After cleaning, rinse with clean water and let dry. Moldy washbasin and bathroom walls, after the above treatments, the mildew spots will disappear. Next comes protection.

After drying the bathroom wall of the sink, it can be treated with VD stone permeability protective agent in about 1 day. When using the marble washstand and bathroom in the future, keep ventilation frequently, and dry the water marks on the washstand and bathroom walls after use. As long as the above methods are followed, the damp and moldy white marble parts can be effectively treated to ensure a clean and refreshing environment in the kitchen and bathroom for a long time.


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