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Marble is not as hard as you might think, it is a relatively soft stone that can be scratched and damaged easily. Damage can be expensive, so keep it clean and take good care of it. Things needed: Mop; Mopping chamois; Marble polish; Marble polishing kit; Cleaning cloth; Superfine sandpaper; Hydrogen peroxide; Sponge; Acetone; Ammonia cleaner; Mild cleaner; Stone sealer.

Steps Step 1: Weekly cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a soft leather. Step 2: For stubborn stains, use neutral, non-abrasive cleaners (such as acetone, hydrogen peroxide or ammonia cleaners) Step 3: Apply cleaner with a cloth and dry with a soft leather. Step 4: After cleaning, polish the marble surface with a marble polish containing tin oxide.

Step Five: Protect marble floors with a stone sealer and clean with a standard non-abrasive floor cleaner. Step 6: Put a cushion under the glass, and put a plastic cushion on the cosmetics on the marble surface. Carpeted marble floors.

Step 7: Regardless of the depth of the scratches, explain to professionals when repairing. Warm Tips 1. Powdered cleaners can scratch or damage marble. 2. Even weak acid substances such as vinegar, wine, orange juice, cola, etc. will damage the marble.

Clean up spills promptly and rinse with water.


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