How to choose home decoration stone?


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Stone is a high-end decorative material. Commonly used stones include marble, granite, and artificial stone. The prices vary. How to avoid buying low-value stones at high prices. Generally speaking, the price of marble is the most expensive among stone materials, and it is also the most volatile stone material. The price ranges from more than one hundred to one thousand or two thousand square meters. The market price of granite is relatively stable, dozens of yuan per square meter, and artificial stone is also dozens of yuan. To more than one hundred parties. The most obvious features of the three kinds of stone are; the surface of the marble has patterns, the patterns are irregular in shape, and the texture has a sense of hierarchy.

The surface of granite is mainly uniform spot-like texture. There are no grain crystals on the surface of the artificial stone plate, the gloss is low, the texture is only on the surface, and there is no layering. The cheapest natural marble stone belongs to Foshan white marble. The hardness of Foshan stone is relatively brittle, and the texture is relatively thick. Generally, it is mainly gray and yellow on a white background.

Large storage capacity Ideal for engineered stone procurement. For high-end decoration, such as Sichuan Baoxing White, the price is about three to four hundred per square meter, and the higher price is six to seven hundred and one square meters, mainly Chinese white marble. The most expensive stone in my country is mainly imported stone, such as Carrara White, Jazz White, Fish belly white, Yugoslavia white, the price ranges from a few hundred to more than a thousand. Other colors or colored stones are mainly priced according to individual needs, and the price is generally about 300 to 500 per square meter.

The artificial stone is rich in color and style, the corners are not easy to break, the gaps of the decorative stone are not obvious, and the construction is convenient. The disadvantages are low hardness, easy to scratch, fear of coloring, easy deformation, and short service life.


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