How to choose a marble coffee table

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For a long time, when people have relatives and friends visiting at home, we will warmly invite guests to the coffee table in the living room at home, and make a pot of good tea to entertain the guests. At this time, a good coffee table is particularly important. According to people's preferences, they will choose coffee tables with different materials. At present, there are two types of marble coffee tables and glass coffee tables in the market, because compared with traditional solid wood tea tables, these two materials are easy to clean and durable. Advantages of moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. Compared with the popular glass tea table, many people like the more elegant marble tea table made of natural marble, but it is not easy to choose a good marble tea table. The following editor will introduce the method of choosing a good marble tea table.

1. Most of the surface of the high-end marble coffee table is made of sapphire and purple jade, as well as crystal pearl stone, and even decorated with amethyst and white crystal. Among them, sapphire, purple jade and red dragon stone are all natural. Stone, will not stain during use. Some inferior marble tea tables will use white marble to be dyed and then sold as sapphire, most of which are impure in color. 2. Natural marble has its natural patterns and colors. If it is a high-quality marble coffee table, it will choose to use a whole piece of stone to make it, and different parts will choose different materials to complete it.

During the selection process, consumers can identify it from the natural texture of the marble surface and the hypotenuse on the corners. Generally, inferior marble coffee tables will be finished with leftover materials at the corners, and the overall lack of change. 3. For the marble coffee tables that appear in the market, they can be divided into two categories: natural marble coffee tables and artificial marble coffee tables, while natural marble can be divided into high-quality marble and low-quality marble. Therefore, when choosing When choosing a marble coffee table, you need to understand the differences among its stone materials.

In fact, as long as you can distinguish the shoddy and inferior marble coffee tables in the mall and find high-quality marble coffee tables, you can choose high-end marble coffee tables suitable for your home style according to your own preferences.


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