How much is the price of natural marble per square

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Natural marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the rocks in the earth's crust after high temperature and high pressure for a long time. According to different regions and environments, the color and texture of the formed marble are different. Therefore, natural marble is divided into regions, and the marbles from different origins are the same. The price of natural marble is mainly based on pattern, color, scarcity, and market acceptance. At present, the popular marbles in the market are mainly gray, white, and black. Generally, marble is not dominated by a single color, two-color system or multi-color system. Taking white marble as an example, the background color is white, and the texture is gray or yellow. The price can be set according to the whiteness of the background color and the ornamental quality of the texture.

The price of natural marble fluctuates greatly for different varieties. The price is as low as 100 yuan per square meter, and the price is relatively high as tens of thousands of square meters. There are similar landscape painting background walls. The output of this kind of stone is relatively small and it is scarce. The price of the more popular natural marble is listed below; white series fish maw white marble 6000-15000 yuan / square jazz white marble 180-300 yuan / square crystal white marble 140-200 yuan / square snowflake white marble 500-800 yuan / square Ascot white marble 300-400 yuan/square Foshan white marble 70-220 yuan/square Carrara white marble 200-350 yuan/square Han white marble marble 280-380 yuan/square Yugoslavia white 350-500 yuan/square gray series Cartier gray marble 170-210 yuan /square cloud Dora gray marble 170-260 yuan/square Bruce gray marble 160-190 yuan/square Italian gray marble 150-180 yuan/square castle gray marble 170-260 yuan/square earl gray marble 170-200 yuan/square Black series black and white root marble 90-120 yuan/square Italian black gold flower 150-180 yuan/square night snow marble 160-190 yuan/square black tulip marble 90-110 yuan/square Munich marble 75-85 yuan/square silver white dragon marble 90-120 yuan/square yellow series Sofitel gold marble 130-180 yuan/square lightning beige marble 160-220 yuan/square Polygon marble 120-150 yuan/square Ultraman marble 230-800 yuan/square Xinao Teman marble 160-220 yuan/square Baiyunlan marble 230-350 yuan/square above is a relatively popular natural marble price list, there are many kinds of natural marble, there are hundreds of them, if you need other marble price list, please contact me directly Or leave me a message, I will reply one by one.


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