How much is a square window marble

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How much is a square of bay window marble? In fact, most bay window marble is priced by the meter, and the main price depends on the quality of the marble itself, the cost of stone processing, and the cost of installation by workers. Bay window marble is also called marble window sill. At present, there are more than 400 varieties of marble in my country, and the material selection of bay window marble tends to be white and beige. Whether it is white or beige, the market price is generally around 200 per square meter (excluding labor and material costs).

The application scene of bay window marble is basically used for the window sills of commercial houses, so the cost of manual installation is relatively high, and ordinary urban skilled workers will not start work without 300 or 400 yuan. Basically, urban house decoration is entrusted by decoration companies, and the price offered is basically less than 700 or 800 yuan for a marble window sill, which is simply impossible to get. Of course, if you go to a stone dealer to buy and choose good marble, they will also help you find a master who can decorate. Generally, masters who can paste tiles will install marble bay windows. It is best to find a skilled master to do a good job of waterproofing the marble. Anti-alkali yellowing of marble.

Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. specializes in processing Foshan white marble, and customizing various specifications of marble window sills, tabletops, and specifications. Factory direct sales, own mine.


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