How much is a square of Foshan marble

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Foshan white marble is produced in Hezhou City, Guilin City, and Wuzhou City in the eastern part of Foshan. Guilin White and Foshan White in Guilin City are actually the same type. Foshan White Marble has always been the cheapest white marble in the market. Why is the price of Foshan white marble not high? First of all; the storage capacity of Foshan white marble is as high as 2.6 billion cubic meters, accounting for 30% of the national white marble; secondly; due to the geographical location of Foshan white marble, the marble is mostly cracked. Furthermore, the stone mining technology in Hezhou City is relatively backward, and most of them are operated in the form of small workshops, resulting in too much waste of good stone materials and fierce price competition.

How much is Foshan White? Foshan White generally sells at a price of 100 to 150 square meters for a "standard board". Add 20 to 30 to the price of the large board. Pinggui District, Hezhou City, Foshan is the base of Foshan white marble. It is the "capital of granite" and "capital of calcium carbonate" in China. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. is the largest natural marble enterprise in our city, with 12 marble mines , Long-term supply of Foshan white marble boards of various specifications.


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