How much is a cubic meter of marble blocks-manufacturer quotation


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How much is marble tiles per cubic meter-Manufacturer Quotation-MoCo Marble Tiles Many people don't know what marble tiles mean? Marble wool refers to irregularly shaped stones separated from mining. It can also be said to be a marble raw material. The wool is processed into a six-sided regular surface to form a marble block. The processed hexagonal block (rectangular block) can be conveniently transported to major processing plants by car. How much is a cubic meter of marble blocks? Marble wool must be cut into a 6-sided shape before it can be transported, so the price of marble wool on the market refers to the price of marble blocks. There is no unified price for marble blocks in the market. The price of stones that have their own mines will be cheaper, while those who only have stone processing factories and need to buy stones from mines have relatively higher prices.

The price of Foshan white marble blocks can be determined according to the marble slabs mined at the mine mouth. The price of Foshan white marble blocks fluctuates roughly from 1,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan per cubic meter. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. is a large-scale professional stone processing manufacturer integrating Foshan white natural marble wool mining, processing, plate customization and wholesale. Focusing on Foshan white stone for 14 years, with strong strength and good service process, we look forward to reaching stone strategic partnerships with many stone suppliers.

The partners of Foshan White Marble include; stone carving craft factory, special-shaped processing, railings, handrails, bridge railings, large slab processing factories and so on. Marble cut into slabs can also be made into different surface effects, including water-washed slabs, thin slabs, matte slabs, thick slabs, thin slabs, pickling surfaces, litchi surfaces, etc. Different panels have different effects and are used in different decoration scenarios.


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