How many varieties of natural marble


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my country is a country rich in marble resources. Marble mineral resources are spread all over the country, with more than 400 varieties, such as Foshan white marble and Sichuan Baoxing white marble named according to the region. There are also those named by color, such as Dandong Green in Taiwan. According to the color, there are white, black, gray, red, yellow, brown and so on.

Many marbles have unique colors and beautiful patterns, and the names of many places are also elegant and novel, such as Yinwangmoyu, Xueye Meihua, Yinsiyingying, Yunhua, Qiujing, Wood Grain, Biyun, etc. Many varieties become mosaic, Necessary decorative materials such as screens, tabletops, paperweights, etc. The largest stone markets in China are Yunfu, Guangdong and Shuitou, Fujian. Yunfu mainly gathers stones from South China, and Shuitou is the concentration place in North China. Many merchants buy less stones, and generally choose to go to the stone market; the main reason is that the varieties are diversified. 1. The transportation is convenient, of course, the disadvantages are also obvious, the price is relatively high, and the general stone merchants will choose to buy stones with large quantities from local marble manufacturers, mainly because the price is favorable and there is more profit margin. Foshan white marble is mainly distributed in Hezhou City, Guilin City, and Wuzhou City, Foshan. Guilin is also called Guilin White. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. is located in Pinggui District, Hezhou City, Foshan. The company has been engaged in the Foshan white stone industry for 12 years. There are 12 marble mines, more than 100 professional processing technicians with 10 years of experience, and marble blocks, marble slabs, marble slabs, marble special shapes, railings, and calcium carbonate powder.

The largest artificial stone base in South China is also located in the Industrial Park of Pinggui District, Hezhou City, Foshan.


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