How many tons is one cubic marble


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How many tons is equal to a cubic marble, we can convert this question through the density of marble, through the formula; density of marble × 1000 = weight of marble. Of course, the density of different varieties of marble is different. The average density of domestic marble is 2.75g/cm3, so the average weight of a cubic marble is 2.75g×1000=2.75KG, that is, a cubic marble weighs 2.75 tons. Let's take a look at the density of different varieties of marble; for example, the density of Foshan white marble is 2.7g/cm3, then the weight of a cubic Foshan white marble is 2.7g/cm3×1000=2.7 tons, then the question is, how many square meters is a ton of marble? What about marble? First of all, let's take a look at what thickness a square of marble is cut with. A slab with a thickness of 18mm + a cutting tool path loss of 3mm = 21mm. If the length, width, and height of a cubic meter of marble are all one meter long, then a one-meter-long marble It can cut 1m (1000mm) ÷ 21mm = 47 pieces of 18mm thick plate, which is 47 square meters.

So does it mean that 47 square meters of marble weighs 2.7 tons? No, just because part of the stone has been lost when cutting the stone. According to the formula total thickness of marble (1m) ÷ board thickness = number of boards; theoretically it can be concluded that 1m (1000mm) ÷ 18mm = 55.5 square meters, then the weight of each piece is 2.7KG÷55.5=48.6KG. In fact, only 47 pieces × 48.6KG = 2.28 tons were produced, that is to say, 2.7 tons of marble became 2.28 tons after cutting, and 0.42 tons of stone wasted.

So how many square meters is a ton of marble? The result is that one ton of marble can be produced (1000KG×47 square) ÷ 2700KG=17.4 square.


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