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How many kinds of Foshan white marble slab surface technology are there? The company specializes in mining and processing Foshan white marble slab surface technology of various specifications. 2. Block material: It is processed from wool, has six regular surfaces, and is used for processing decorative stone materials. 3. Material stone: material stone processed from wool with certain specifications and used for construction.

4. Raw board: a board with a certain thickness cut out by a disc saw, sand saw or frame saw without any treatment on the surface. 5. Rough plate: a plate with a flat and rough surface with relatively regular processing traces. 6. Cut ax plate: a rough plate processed with an axe.

7. Hammering plate: a rough plate processed with a flower hammer. 8. Flame board: a rough veneer board processed by flames produced by acetylene, oxygen or propane, or liquefied petroleum gas as fuel. 9. Fire and water flushing plate: a plate that is first burnt with fire and then impacted with water.

10. Water-washed board: the board processed by water impact, the surface of the water-impacted board is distributed with small holes and pits, and the natural color of the stone is basically presented. 11. Planed board: a rough board processed by machine planing. 12. Thin sheet: a sheet with a flat and smooth surface.

13. Mirror plate: a plate with a smooth surface and a mirror luster. 14. Matt sheet: a sheet with a flat and smooth surface and low luminosity. 15. Antique stone: use a series of stone grinding brushes to make a matte panel. Some antique stones are fired first, and then polished to matte with a series of grinding brushes.

16. Thin plate: a plate with a thickness less than 15mm. 17. Thick plate: a plate with a thickness greater than 20mm. 18. Ordinary plate: square or rectangular plate.

19. Special-shaped plates: non-square or non-rectangular plates. , 20. Natural panel material: the surface of the panel is formed by striking with a chisel or a hammer. If you want to know more about marble material knowledge, you can call 400-806-1222 for inquiries. The company has its own mine, which can meet all aspects of customer needs. Demand, the company specializes in processing Foshan white, Foshan white marble wholesale.


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