How many kilograms is a square marble

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To know how many kilograms a square of marble weighs, you must first know what the density of the stone is. The average density of marble is 2.7g/cm3 (2.7 grams per cubic centimeter), which means that the average weight of a cubic marble is 2.7 tons. Let's see what the density of various types of marble is; Grain 2.49g/cm3 White Begonia 2.72g/cm3 Yellow Wood Grain 2.50g/cm3 Cloud Ash 2.70g/cm3 Black Wood Grain 2.72g/cm3 Hibiscus Red 2.60g/cm3 Light Brown Net 2.72g/cm3 Dark Brown Net 2.73g/ cm3 Big Flower Beige 2.73g/cm3 Rice Topaz 2.62g/cm3 Xuelang White 2.72g/cm3 Autumn Landscape 2.71g/cm3 Hang Gray 2.73g/cm3 Red Cream 2.63g/cm3 White Jade 2.70g/cm3 Dandong Green 2.71g/cm3 Snowflake White (Hebei) 2.68g/cm3 Snow White (Shandong) 2.82g/cm3 Green Cream 2.56g/cm3 Eyebrow Cream 2.76g/cm3 Lost Ridge Red 2.75g/cm3 Caiyang Green 2.65/cm3 Black and White Root 2.68g/cm3 Jinyu 2.80g/cm3 Jiangxi beige 2.73g/cm3 Baoxing white 2.67g/cm3 Now that we know the weight of a cubic marble, how do we calculate how many kilograms a square marble weighs? First of all, you need to know how many square meters a cubic marble can cut. The thickness of conventional marble mainly includes 1.8cm, 2.0cm, and 2.5cm. For the convenience of calculating a cubic stone, it is calculated as 1 meter. 1000cm*1.8cm=55.5 That is to say, one cubic stone can cut 55.5 pieces of 1.8cm thick plate, which is 55.5 square meters.

1000cm*2cm=50 means that one cubic stone can cut 50 pieces of 2cm thick plates, which is 50 square meters. For example, the density of Foshan white marble is 2.7g/cm3, and one cubic Foshan white stone weighs 2.7 tons. 55.5 square meters, then a square marble has 2700KG*55.5=48.6kg.


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