How about the hardness of Dahua white marble

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Dahua white marble is divided into imported and domestically produced. The imported Dahua white marble is produced in Italy. Generally speaking, as long as it is a white marble mine, it generally produces Dahua white marble. The hardness of Dahua white marble is generally related to the geological structure of its origin. Italy is one of the three major white marble mining areas in the world. The mining areas are mainly distributed within a radius of 10 kilometers. Due to the formation conditions, the hardness of marble produced in Italy is generally higher than that of domestic marble. . Not only the pattern is relatively stable, but also its hardness is relatively stable, so imported large white marble has relatively high hardness, and generally does not need to be glued to the back. Of course, the price of imported marble is several times higher than the domestic price.

Dahua white marble is a kind of marble with white background mixed with gray lines, more gray lines are more messy and changeable. The middle white pattern belongs to the characteristics that the surface of the board is relatively gray, the grain is relatively shallow, and the surface of the board becomes larger and larger. The largest production area of ​​domestic white marble is Foshan Baikuang, which accounts for 25% of the country's white marble resources and has a rich stock.

Due to the factors formed in the Foshan Bai mining area, the hardness of the marble produced in the mining area is relatively lower than that of other types of stone. Generally speaking, as long as it is domestic large white marble, it generally needs to be glued back, mainly because domestic large white cracks are redundant with imported stone, but the price is many times cheaper than imported stone. The editor here suggests; if you are rich, you can consider imported stone. If you only have money, it is recommended to consider Foshan Dahuabai. The domestic stone that has been back-netted is not inferior to imported stone in terms of hardness and viewing .


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