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I heard that marble tiles are the leader of "Stone Shang" in recent years, and they have been favored by consumers from all walks of life. Is it really so good according to the legend? Maybe many people, like me, have a little doubt about this statement! That day I heard my parents chatting and said that our new house in our hometown has been built and we are going to decorate it, and then we are thinking about what materials to use? My mother suggested: "Should we use marble tiles? It seems to be very popular now. But I don't know if it is good? I heard that this has radiation and is not good for the body!" Then I thought I should also understand this, and then I went to check the relevant information and found that the original method of marble tiles is just to print marble patterns on the surface of ordinary tiles, and then cover them with a layer of glaze and then fire them. They are not really made of natural marble. Its main components are mostly granite or marble crushed stones as fillers, cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin as adhesives, and are made after stirring, grinding and polishing. Chemical material.

So there will be a certain amount of radiation to people. I heard that the signal of a house decorated with marble tiles in a large area will be relatively weak. In fact, instead of choosing tiles that can be imitated, it is better to choose natural marble decoration that is environmentally friendly and non-radiative. It has both a natural temperament and a bright atmosphere! It can be very comfortable and warm to live in, comfortable and worry-free. Marble has the advantages that ceramic tiles do not have. It is both moisture-proof and sun-proof. When used for exterior wall decoration, it will not be affected by storms and scorching sun.

Its durable characteristics can also make it easier to take care of, and its lifespan will not expire after the 70-year land use right expires. After checking the natural marble, I also found that there is a very high-quality marble manufacturer - Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. The marble pattern there is beautiful and unique, the texture is clear, and the variety is very rich! I believe that the strength of its 12 mines can meet my needs casually! .


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