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With its natural and environmentally friendly material, the marble line has a soft and delicate texture, and it is easier to clean and take care of! The advantages of durability and natural texture have gained more and more important status in architectural decoration, especially in European-style stone home decoration. Marble lines are usually spliced ​​by a single piece or multiple pieces to form an overall and continuous line. Unlike marble railings, they are mainly used as the edges of door frames, window frames, handrails, skirting lines, etc. It not only has the effect of decoration and beautification, It can also play a protective role. When decorating, the choice of lines should also be matched according to the size and color of the main bricks. Only by dealing with the color problem can the grade of decoration be improved, and it can also play a finishing touch for home decoration.

High-quality lines should have a dignified overall feeling, smooth and delicate brick surface, meticulous edge treatment process and rigorous brick cutting and polishing technology. The lines made of gray marble and white marble are of relatively high quality. Line products are mainly divided into "arc type", "step type" and "composite type" according to the surface modeling effect.

According to the shape of the finished product, it can be divided into straight lines, curved lines and three-dimensional lines. According to the stone material, it can be divided into natural stone lines and special-shaped stone lines. Marble lines can also be divided into horizontal and vertical lines. Horizontal lines can save more materials, while vertical lines will be more smooth and the decoration effect will be better! Its concave-convex and graceful shape is the most common application in the background wall.

In the natural marble home experience hall of Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd., the exquisite and luxurious background wall and the arch shape lines are smooth and delicate. The texture of Bruce gray marble is naturally clear and the relief pattern of Foshan white is matched to form a combination of patterns, which highlights the Dignified and elegant temperament. Everyone wants to decorate their house according to their own ideals. Marble lines follow the concept of "less is more, simplicity is better" when designing, which can make the space structure look more spacious and more orderly.


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