How about marble in landscape painting? Can it be used as a background wall?

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Placing a pleasing marble landscape painting in a quiet and warm home is to bring the natural landscape into the home, so that the tension and fatigue of the day can be returned to the soul at home. One mountain, one water, one world, one person, one thing, one day is bright. Landscape painting marble has natural charm, and the stone surface has a strong sense of art. The texture changes of each stone are different, which is strange and dreamy.

The natural texture not only gives people an intuitive experience of perceptual image, but also gives people rich and free imagination space and endless artistic feeling. A natural landscape painting marble background wall also has the effect of calming the mind, just like "when you are sad, look up at the sky, the sky is so big, you can contain all the sadness." When you are upset, you can look down at the painting, the picture is so quiet , You can also forget your troubles... If you install light sheets on the back of the natural landscape painting marble background wall, the effect after light transmission will be more layered and more amazing! Among them, the light transmittance of white marble is more obvious. For example, the light transmittance of Foshan white marble produced in Hezhou, Foshan reaches 90%. Everyone's style.

It is naturally soft, not blunt, and has good fusion; feel life and nature in stone paintings, and match the main color of home decoration, the overall feeling level can not help but also improve a lot. The unique natural texture has an irresistible charm, and it also has a special charm in the application of various high-end places. The colors of natural landscape painting marble are mainly white, gray, and black. They are often used as background walls. With the theme of landscape, they run through the entire interior. Each space has a scene, just like a landscape painting.

However, there are also some special ones. For example, the two works of Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd., "The River and Mountains Are So Beautiful" and "The Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Are Beautiful" are composed of Foshan white marble textures. The gray and white background is matched with light coffee. It perfectly presents the mountainous and graceful scenery. A natural ink-splashed marble landscape painting is not only a masterpiece of nature's supernatural power, but also has a beautiful implication. Flowing water makes money, and mountains have spirits. In ancient my country, it was the home decoration of wealthy and official families. It can be seen that its status is really extraordinary... …


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