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Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Jianyi marble tile is the only main brand of Foshan Jianyi Ceramics Co., Ltd. It has the decorative effect of marble and the excellent performance of low water absorption tiles. It provides high-end and environmentally friendly decorative materials for people who pursue high-quality life. Because of the professional production, it has received a lot of praise, "The raw materials are fine, the embryo quality is good, the density is high, the hardness is strong, and there is strong anti-fouling ability and alkali resistance; the glaze is thick, good wear resistance, and good brightness. , the effect of color and texture is lifelike; it also looks high-end and atmospheric, and the decorative effect is similar to that of natural marble. Its brick laying method in certain positions is quite special.

Usually, the shop starts from the corner, but Jianyi starts from a certain angle in the hall, saying that this can effectively reduce the problem of cutting angles, the details are well done, and the space decoration effect is also good. But the price is on the expensive side! Many netizens commented: "It's extremely expensive!" Although it has the same advantages as ordinary ceramic tiles, such as waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-slip and wear-resistant, and easy to maintain, but because the price is not close to the people, the price span is large, and the price is not cheap. The industry relishes talking about it. Therefore, many people who pursue high-end decoration will choose natural marble. After all, no matter how real imitation marble is, it is not real! Foshan white natural marble from Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. is environmentally friendly and has no radiation, strong jade texture, vivid texture, high cost performance, and the price is several times cheaper than Jianyi marble tiles. It is a good choice! Marble tiles are reproducible and can be made uniform.

The texture and color of marble are unique. Although there will be slight "color difference", this is also the charm of natural marble, so that the most natural and pure beauty can be displayed to the maximum extent, and its long-term effect can be maintained.


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