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When the decoration materials are more and more abundant and the choices are more and more diverse, we often have difficulty in making choices and choosing suitable materials, so let’s take a good look at artificial marble today? Is it satisfying? What about the decoration materials? Artificial marble is processed by imitating the surface texture of marble, which has similar mechanism characteristics to marble, and the pattern can be controlled and determined by the designer, with good reproducibility. Moreover, artificial marble is anti-pollution and has good machinability. It can be made into arcs, curved surfaces and other shapes, and the construction is convenient. Its main component is natural marble or granite crushed stone as filler, cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin.

Stone processing factories generally produce more than 30% waste in the processing of plates. These stone scraps are rich in resources, so the raw material resources of artificial stone can be said to be inexhaustible. The artificial stone industry has gone through nearly half a century from its birth to the present, and has accumulated rich technical resources, so its market space is quite broad! Its popularity at home and abroad is also getting higher and higher. The disadvantage of artificial marble is that its transparency is not good, and it has no luster.

The natural marble of MoCo Marble Tiles in Foshan is amazing. With the charm of "the stone from my mountain can be used to attack jade", it has captured the hearts of thousands of people! Its brightness is as high as 90 degrees, and the light transmittance is also high. The decorative effect is excellent. The light through the white marble background wall shows its delicate and soft texture, giving people a sense of tranquility and comfort, creating an elegant and quiet sense of space. . Foshan White Marble——Cheap White Marble MoCo Marble Tiles has 12 marble mines. The company's natural marble is environmentally friendly and has no radiation, unique texture, rich colors, and high cost performance. It is the most competitive stone company at home and abroad.


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