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The bathroom is the most hidden place in the home and an important space in our daily life. It is more functional, and the unique decoration can make the bathroom look more beautiful! The marble bathroom not only demonstrates a beautiful and exquisite life attitude, but also reveals the owner's good taste. With its full luxury texture, it can bring people an unexpected bathroom experience. Although the bathroom is relatively small, it is still a relatively private space in the home. It should not only consider its practicality but also its comfort.

If it is not handled properly, it will not only bring about many problems, but also affect people's mood. So there are many things worth noting about the design of the bathroom. 1. Dry and wet separation To achieve dry and wet separation, the bathroom area should not be less than 5.4 square meters. If the bathroom area is large enough, "three separations" can be considered, that is, the wash cabinet area, toilet area, and shower area are separated independently.

The "three-separation" design requires a bathroom area of ​​6.2 square meters or more. For bathrooms with dry and wet partitions, it is recommended to use waterproof gypsum board ceilings on the top of the dry area, and gusset board ceilings for the wet areas, so that the overall bathroom looks more beautiful. 2. Reasonable functions. Supplies and spare towels take up a lot of space, so if the bathroom space is relatively large, you can design a separate storage cabinet for easy storage. The clothes hanging place in the shower area can also be set as a drying rack to save the trouble of hanging wet towels after washing every day.

The washing machine can also be placed in a ventilated place on the balcony as much as possible to save space in the bathroom. 3. The waterproof quality is very good. After the waterproof construction is completed, all the sewers in the bathroom should be blocked and the water injection test should be carried out. Check after 24 hours. If there is no leakage on the walls and floors around the bathroom, it means that the waterproof quality of the bathroom is very good.

Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. specializes in marble mining, processing and deep processing. The company's products include marble bathroom panels of various specifications, as well as natural marble finished panels, blocks, and artworks. The products produced are not only sold to all parts of the country, but also exported to overseas, and the reputation is well-known. More and more manufacturers are processing and purchasing here. If necessary, please contact us, Tel: 18978408396.


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