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The choice of stone color for home decoration, and how to make an effective match, has always been a hot topic in the decoration industry, because the matching effect of stone color will directly affect the overall effect of the house decoration, so this is also One of the most concerned issues for owners who are about to renovate or are about to install. Marble decoration renderings are here. In order to provide some references for home owners when choosing home decoration stone, Xiaobian hereby introduces some common sense for home decoration stone selection and color matching: 1. Color tone is an important factor affecting stone selection . It is mainly composed of three parts: base color, pattern and pattern.

The general base color is the color of the marble matrix or the fine-grained and uniform-grained parts. Stones of different colors often determine the decorative effect and applicable occasions. For example, white marble shows wealth, luxury, and elegance; while black-based marble shows solemnity, solemnity, and elegance; green-toned marble is full of vitality; all these stones with different tones are suitable for different decorative occasions. 2. Function. In addition to the color tone of the natural facing stone, the function of the decoration should also be considered.

In the home, warmer tones should be used for the decoration of the living room and bedroom to show a warm and comfortable atmosphere; while the decorations for bathrooms and kitchens should be decorated with simple, elegant and cool tones to show cleanliness. 3. Decorative intention and environmental impact, because the parts decorated with natural facing stone are different, so the types of stone used are also different. When used for outdoor decoration, it needs to withstand wind, rain and sun. Because granite does not contain carbonate, it has low water absorption and strong weathering resistance. Various types of granite stones are selected; it is used for hall floor decoration For decorative stone materials, its physical and chemical properties are required to be stable, and the surface of the board can maintain a long-lasting luster. Marble stone should be selected; for the decoration of dado and home bedroom floor, marble with beautiful patterns should be selected.

After reading the above introduction about the color and matching of stone materials for home decoration, do the owners have a good idea of ​​the choice of stone materials for their own decoration? .


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