High-end light luxury bathroom, starting from the use of natural marble.

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In daily home life, if the living room is the embodiment of the owner's taste, the kitchen is the elegant extension of the wife, and the bedroom is the embodiment of the husband and wife's personality, then the bathroom is the highlight of the exquisite life of the whole family. Stone bathrooms pay attention to functions while pursuing the ultimate visual effect, so that the visual senses can enjoy the beauty. If you want to be more elegant in taste, you need to add natural marble elements. Adding natural marble to the bathroom not only looks simple and elegant, full of temperament, but also can make the space design full of fashion sense, rich in color, marble with various textures can also bring different feelings to the bathroom, and bring the ultimate quality home space.

Of course, some details still need to be paid attention to when decorating stone bathrooms. After all, the details determine success or failure, so the editor will introduce it to you in detail below. Natural marble bathroom decoration example Picture 1: Analysis of the main points of bathroom decoration 1. Do a good job of waterproofing How to make the bathroom waterproof? The sunken toilet is to clean the base layer first to ensure that the ground is dry and flat.

Focus on brushing and waterproofing on the pipe wall, the foot of the wall, and the corners of the yin and yang. Then backfill with carbon slag or ceramsite. Then find the slope and level the cement mortar in the backfill layer.

Do coil waterproofing or coating on screed. Bathroom height requirements: the floor should be fully covered, and the wall should be 1.8m high. After the waterproof construction is completed, all the sewers in the bathroom should be blocked and the water injection test should be carried out.

Check after 24 hours. If there is no leakage on the walls and floors around the bathroom, it means that the waterproof quality of the bathroom is very good. Finally, paste wall and floor tiles and joints. Dry and wet separation, many families will consider the dry and wet separation design of the bathroom, but to achieve dry and wet separation, the bathroom area should not be less than 5.4 square meters. If you want to achieve dry and wet separation, you also want to be beautiful. If the bathroom area is large enough, you can consider "three separations", that is, the wash cabinet area, toilet area, and shower area are separated independently.

And the designer of "three separations" needs the toilet area to be more than 6.2 square meters. 2. The functions are reasonable, and the distribution of functional areas in the bathroom: The face washing area is generally around the face and mouth, and the various toothpaste toothbrushes, facial cleansers, skin care products, shower gels, razors, spare towels, etc. of the family all take up a lot of space , If the bathroom space is relatively large, you can design a separate storage cabinet. If the bathroom is relatively small, you can choose a wash cabinet with enough storage space.

You can reserve a mobile phone charging socket and bracket near the sink, so that you can still answer the phone or listen to music when you wash your face in the morning. The socket in the toilet area must be reserved in advance to facilitate the possibility of installing a smart toilet later. It is not recommended to design a wall-mounted toilet. Although the wall-mounted toilet is hung on the wall, it feels space-saving, but the cost is very expensive, and it is not easy to install the toilet seat later.

Generally speaking, the height and body shape of Chinese people are suitable for shower rooms with a size of 90×90cm or more. In terms of area size, it is also the specification of 90×90cm. If you don't want to make a well-regulated shower room, but want to achieve dry and wet separation, the most convenient way is to install a shower curtain.

The shower area must be equipped with water retaining strips. Hanging dirty clothes and drying towels, especially in winter, every time I take a shower, I am willing to take off under the fan heating heater, but I don’t know where to put the pile of clothes I just took off. At this time, I need to consider the location of the dirty clothes basket . As long as the natural marble is used and the decoration details are done well enough, everyone can get their own comfortable and luxurious bathroom.


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