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Foshan is an area rich in stone resources in South my country, mainly distributed in Hezhou, Guilin, Wuzhou, and Liuzhou in the east of Foshan. Foshan stone manufacturers are mainly distributed in the above four urban areas, so who are the large stone manufacturers in Foshan? Foshan Stone Manufacturers Encyclopedia includes granite, marble, granite; 1 Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. Hezhou-Pinggui District main business; Foshan White, Earl Grey, Ruby, Bruce Gray 2 Foshan Hezhou Hesheng Stone Hezhou- Main business in Pinggui District; Foshan white railings, Foshan white shaped, Foshan white roadside stone 3 Jianlin stone Hezhou City - Zhongshan County main business; Zhongshan green litchi noodles, fire noodles, roadside stones, shaped, carved, barren Material 4 Zhongshan Minhui Stone Hezhou City - Zhongshan County Main; Zhongshan Green, Pink Hemp, Guilin Red 5 Zhaoping Xinfu Stone Hezhou City - Municipal District Main; Foshan Black 6 Heyuan Gang Stone Hezhou City - Pinggui District main business; Gangshi 7 Foshan Cenxi Kaiyun Stone Industry Co., Ltd. Wuzhou City - Cenxi City main business; pink hemp, maple leaf red, 8 Foshan Cenxi Honghui Stone Co., Ltd. Wuzhou City - Cenxi City main granite; Hailanghua, Begonia Red, Maple Leaf Red 9 Pingle Xingyu Stone Craft Co., Ltd. Guilin City - Pingle County Main; Guilin Red, Zhongshan Green, Pink Hemp 10 Guilin Ziyuan County Jiasheng Mining Co., Ltd. Guilin City - Ziyuan County Camp; Zijiang Hailanghua, Zijiang Langhuabai 11 Cenxi Nanfeng Stone Factory Wuzhou City - Cenxi Main Business, Sanbao Red, Langhua White, Maple Leaf Red, Xilihong 12 Foshan Cenxi Minhui Stone Industry Co., Ltd. Wuzhou City -Cenxi City's main business; Foshan Sesame Ash also has Foshan Cenxi Jiahui Stone Co., Ltd., Foshan Cenxi Jinlida Stone Co., Ltd., Cenxi Wanfu Stone Co., Ltd., etc., all of which are Cenxi red and spray white granite manufacturers. , Foshan marble is mainly distributed in Hezhou, Guilin, and Liuzhou, and granite is distributed in Wuzhou City, Cenxi City, Guilin City, and Hezhou City. Liuzhou Red Dragon Jade, Rainbow Jade, and Heshan Cinderella are not introduced one by one here.


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