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As a high-grade wall decoration material, Foshan natural marble has been passed down for a long time. It is an ancient and traditional stone. Its surface is smooth and flat, as delicate as a mirror, and its gloss is as high as 98% after polishing. At the same time, it has good wear resistance and is easy to take care of. Foshan stone is also called Foshan white marble. The medium hardness of Foshan white marble is easy to process, and the texture is natural, giving people a correct and elegant visual effect.

Foshan stone materials should be carefully protected during decoration. When the corners are carried upright and land on the ground, avoid the front corners landing first; at the same time, avoid the corners landing first. Larger marble slabs or granite slabs should not be transported flat to prevent them from being broken due to the bending moment generated by their own weight. The larger the area of ​​the decorative stone, the fewer the gaps on the wall, and the higher the overall effect. There are no two pieces of the same stone in the world, so the texture of the stone is properly matched during decoration, and the overall visual appearance is improved.

When installing the wall, first determine the position of the first layer of board, consider the thickness of the board, the width of the filling joint, and the size occupied by the steel mesh, and then draw the reference line of the first layer of board. Bounce the lower edge of the first layer on the wall. If there is a skirting board, first bounce the elevation line of the skirting board. Use the selected boards that have been fixed with binding wires to be seated.

When the steel wire tying or hook work is completed, the top of the stone slab is plugged tightly with a wooden wedge, and the surface of the stone slab and the level of the top are checked with a ruler and a level at any time. If there is any inappropriateness, the wooden wedge can be adjusted to make the surface straight, and a thin lead sheet is added to the lower edge of the board to make the upper mouth straight. Install from one direction in turn, sticking from one end to the other.

After the surface of the board is inspected and all the quality is qualified, grouting is started in the gap of about 3 cm between the board and the base. The proportion of mortar is cement: sand = 12.5 (volume ratio). When grouting, use a small bucket to slowly pour into the cracks. When pouring, do not touch the stone slab, and do not pour in from only one place, but spread out evenly along the side length. You can clean up the catchy excess pulp and wipe it clean with cotton gauze.

After cleaning, use the above procedure to install another layer of slate, and finish the inlaying in sequence. After all the installation is completed, remove all gypsum and residual paste residues, and then wipe clean with the same color paste as the same color as the panel, so that the gaps are dense and the color is the same.


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