Foshan marble sink countertop care method and the advantages of gray marble combination cabinet

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The Foshan white marble sink is clean and elegant, with a sense of luxury. The elegant and generous washbasin design has a unique charm, the white marble countertop and a lively and fragrant green plant are particularly flavorful, and can enhance the overall design sense of the bathroom in minutes. Care methods for Foshan white marble sink countertops 1. Prevent long-term stagnant water: after each use, empty the water in the sink, and then dry the water on the countertop.

Only by developing good cleaning habits can you keep the stone surface clean and reduce pollution, so as to better prevent the pollution of Foshan white marble sink countertops. 2. Choose the right stone cleaner: Natural marble is afraid of strong acid and alkali, so neutral and mild detergent should be used for cleaning. If you use a cleaning agent with strong acid-base strength for a long time, the surface luster of Foshan white marble will be lost, and even pathological changes may occur.

3. Prevent surface scratches: scratches by sharp and hard objects and repeated scratches by steel wool will affect the protective effect of marble. Although natural marble is hard and wear-resistant, in order to have a longer service life, it is still necessary to take good care of it. 4. There is a time limit for protection, and it needs to be repainted regularly: Although the protective agent on Foshan white marble sink countertops can make our marbles more convenient and trouble-free, its protection time is also limited. If you rely solely on its natural corrosion resistance It will not have such a good protective effect.

Therefore, it still needs regular inspection and timely repainting to better protect it. 5. Special circumstances such as deep pollution: Although we usually take good care of the marble washing table, it is inevitable that there will be accidents. If the sink has problems such as deep pollution, serious loss of light, surface aging, microcracks, breakage, damage, etc., you need to ask a professional stone care company to clean it.

The jade-like temperament of the Foshan white marble sink and the gray marble combination cabinet form a classic match, which can highlight the elegant and atmospheric style. The gray marble combination cabinet is not only convenient for storing sundries, but also reflects the fashion and avant-garde style. Foshan white marble and gray marble have become the standard configuration of classic luxury houses.


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