Foshan Marble Mosaic Production Standards and Procedures

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Foshan white marble is produced in Pinggui District, Hezhou City, Foshan. Foshan white marble is divided into white background gray pattern and white background yellow pattern. The mine is also rich in earl gray and brown marble. Foshan white stone has the characteristics of rich colors, large resources and high cost performance , deeply loved by consumers. Foshan white marble product selection standard; 1. The same stone has the same color, no obvious color difference, color spots, color lines, and no yin and yang colors; 2. The texture is basically the same, and the board surface pattern is lighter and cut without cracks; 3. 1. The error of the marble splicing gap is less than 1mm; 4. The glossiness of the board surface is not less than 90%; 5. There is a clear contrast between the color of the stone pattern and the pattern; Foshan white marble mosaic production process 1. The design is based on the customer's love and needs , Outline the design drawing, natural marble comes from nature, and marble mosaic needs to reflect natural life. 2. Drawing According to the design drawing and the selected white, gray, brown and other colors of Foshan white marble, effectively integrate and draw a sample drawing, which can be cut after the customer's approval.

3. Cutting According to the confirmed design book and the selected stone material, the marble mosaic production generally adopts professional water jet cutting technology, and the cutting workers' technology is cast into the size of the gap between the mosaic patterns. 4. Typesetting and running-in The cut marble is typesetting and pasted. There are two kinds of pasting: wet sticking and dry sticking. 5. After the overall pattern of the toning seepage seam is glued together, mix the toning with resin, stone powder, and coloring material.

To make the tone absolutely similar to the stone, add a small amount of drier and mix it into the gap. 6. The last step of grinding and polishing is to polish and polish the surface of the board after the color is dry.


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