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The production base of Foshan white marble is located in Pinggui District, Hezhou City, Foshan. Hezhou City, Foshan is the capital of calcium carbonate in China. The storage capacity of Foshan white marble is 12.5% ​​of the country. It is rich in resources, easy to mine, and guaranteed in quality. It is favored by businessmen all over the country . The difference between Foshan white marble and other rocks is that the marble material is especially porous stone, which is easier to absorb water, and thus is prone to lesions. Therefore, it is very important to master the maintenance method of marble.

  The following editor will briefly introduce the essential difference between marble waxing and crystal surface treatment:   1. Marble block polishing is a prelude to stone crystal surface treatment or a necessary process in stone processing. Its main principle is to use the pressed grinding block synthesized by inorganic acid, metal oxide and other substances to cooperate with the pressure of the mechanical grinding disc, the high-speed grinding force and the frictional heat energy. A new layer of shiny crystals is formed.  This layer of crystals has an ultra-bright, clear luminosity of 90-100 degrees.

  2. Marble cleaning is the prelude to marble waxing and polishing. Marble cleaning, waxing and polishing are relatively popular marble cleaning and maintenance protection measures in the early 1980s and 1990s. Now they have lost their market and meaning of existence.  Its essence is a thin coating of acrylic resin and emulsion polymer covered on the surface of the newly paved stone (polished board), which is what we often call water wax or floor wax.  After a high-speed, low-pressure polishing machine and fiber pads are rubbed on the surface of the stone to make the resin coating brighter.

  Due to product updates, special light wax and wax-free wax appeared later. This coating is similar to oiled varnish on wooden floors.  3. Marble care The grinding block polishing process before crystal surface treatment is a physical and chemical reaction process between the stone surface and chemicals. The surface layer and the bottom layer of the stone are completely integrated into a whole, and there is no detachment layer.

  4. The wax layer on the marble waxing and polishing is attached to the surface of the stone, a layer of resin film, and there is no chemical reaction with the stone itself. This wax film layer can be gently shoveled with a blade to peel off the wax film from the stone surface. Marble maintenance, the appearance difference between waxing and crystal surface treatment:   1. Marble grinding block grinding and polishing is the prelude to stone care crystal surface treatment. After stone care and polishing, it has high luminosity, high definition, wear resistance, resistance to stepping, and is not easy to scratch , It is the true embodiment and value extension of stone use function.

  2. After waxing and polishing, the luminosity of the stone is low, the luminosity is not clear, and it is very blurred. It is not wear-resistant, not water-resistant, easy to scratch, oxidized and yellowed, which reduces the essential image of the stone. Marble maintenance, waxing and crystal surface treatment extension and operation difference:   1. After the polished crystal layer of the stone grinding block and the continuous care of the crystal layer (commonly known as crystal surface care), the pores are not completely closed, and the stone can still be used The inside and outside are breathable, and the stone is not easy to be diseased. At the same time, it has a certain waterproof and antifouling effect.

  2. After the marble is waxed and polished, the pores of the stone are completely closed, and the stone cannot breathe inside and out, so the stone is prone to lesions.  3. The polished crystal layer and the continuous care of the crystal layer are easy to operate. No cleaning agent is needed to clean the ground, and the stone grinding block can be directly polished with water polishing and chemical dry grinding.  It can be polished and cared at any time, and can be operated locally.

There is no new contrast in the color of the stone surface. 4. After the marble is waxed and polished, after a period of time, it is necessary to remove the old wax layer and use waxing water. It needs to be operated on a large area at the same time, and local construction is not allowed. After partial construction, there will be color difference on the surface.

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