Foshan marble creates new Chinese oriental temperament aesthetics

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After modern processing technology, natural marble can be made into decorative panels. It is often used for indoor walls, railings, floors, window sills, It is an ideal interior decoration material for the decoration of the service desk and the door face of the elevator room. In addition, it can also be used for marble murals, handicrafts, daily necessities, etc. New Chinese style white marble decoration renderings Experienced designers often use Foshan white marble for decoration design, creating an oriental temperament and aesthetic space.

The luxurious decorative skin is removed, the elegant structural form of the space is displayed, and wonderful and interesting creative explorations are introduced. Display the elegant structural form of the space, and introduce exciting and interesting creative explorations. Just as each style will be influenced by the times along with the changes of the times, and with the collision of various elements and traditional culture, the modern Chinese style retains the humanistic feelings of the Chinese style, and at the same time, it is modern fashion and practical Sex, in line with contemporary people's yearning for fine life.

The aisle in the office area is paved with Foshan white natural marble, which is extraordinarily spacious. At the same time, the screen partitions around it form a strong and stable atmosphere, rendering an exciting beauty. The Foshan white marble on the floor of the office area is retro yet trendy. With transparent partitions, the space is divided without blocking the line of sight, and the openness of the space is still preserved. Through the multi-dimensional space design, the designer ingeniously combines artistic conception experience with life functions.

The color tone of the space can make people feel stable, and it is easy to echo with the wooden furniture, creating a sense of space. The color tone of the carpet and the collision of black and white make the whole space subtle and quiet. With the landscape as the medium and the culture as the essence, the beauty of Linping is integrated into the office space.

Interpret diversified spaces and build a new office environment for urban elites. It continues to express the oriental meaning in a modern form, emphasizing the elegant and low-key oriental light luxury, telling the elegant and tasteful lifestyle, the furnishings are not too exaggerated, and the pure colors match the changes of light and shadow, which is graceful and unique. Integrating modern language and traditional culture, the beauty of simplicity and luxury is infused with oriental charm.

Reduce the stress of the office environment with the comfort of home. The office area and leisure area are displayed in a semi-open form, highlighting the grand and elegant atmosphere of the space. The hollow partition divides the space, but the small scene in the hollow also has a special flavor. The combination of static and dynamic space has a strong sense of agility.

Blue gives people a comfortable and quiet feeling. It outlines the entire space with soft and comfortable lines. It is clean and tidy. With the khaki bedside table, it enriches the layering of the space and presents a simple and elegant space full of fine charm. Every part of the aisle is equipped with unique small scenes, smart landscape flowers, and interesting small potted plants, making the long and narrow halls smart and full of vitality. The design uses the meaning of home to integrate into the office environment, reducing boring and tedious. The porch with gray as the main color is combined with lines and space, decorated with light and shadow art, which is inclusive and blends into the scene.

Create an oriental feeling full of traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people, and there is no lack of modernity in the simple elegance. Do not deliberately pursue excessive light luxury, simple to the smallest is elegant. The space uses simple and restrained high-grade gray as the main color to make people settle their minds. The starry sky on the top is an embellishment throughout the space. With the golden coffee table, the integration breaks the dullness of the space, and every place highlights the state of life and sentiment.

People's pursuit of the living environment has never stopped, and at the same time, they also have different yearnings for the office environment. When the creative office environment is also shining today, the standard configuration of the gym and home life is now also integrated into the office space. People's life , the aesthetic standards and demand standards for the environment are constantly being refreshed. The design emphasizes the comfortable experience of people in the space, and combines the oriental philosophy with the aesthetic taste of contemporary people to create an oriental temperament and aesthetic space, which becomes a state of spiritual tranquility. Now in the decoration, marble is more and more welcomed by customers , The proportion of decoration building materials in the market is also getting higher and higher, which proves that natural marble is the fashion standard of decoration in the new era.


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