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Foshan white marble block slab price conversion? How to convert Foshan white marble blocks and marble slabs, how to convert 1 cubic meter of marble into 1 square meter of marble, easily convert marble materials, and how to buy stone without suffering. The following is the company conversion of marble materials from two aspects. 1. Foshan white marble  Foshan white marble usually has three thicknesses: 18mm, 25mm, and 30mm. Take these three situations as an example to calculate the material price process:   1. Foshan white marble should be cut and processed into usable pieces The shape and thickness, according to 18mm, sawing lumber joint 4mm, then each cubic meter of blocks can produce 1000÷(18+4)=45.45 square meters.

  2. The price of marble blocks is usually 4000 yuan/cubic meter. Considering the cutting fee of 80 yuan/㎡, the cost price is 4000÷45.45=88 yuan/㎡, and after adding the cutting fee, it is 88+80=160 yuan/㎡. 3. Marble slabs have the problem of loss of cutting utilization rate due to different specifications and sizes. Generally, 90% is taken. Considering the impact of cutting loss, the cost price should be 160÷90%=177.7 yuan/㎡.   4. Marble manufacturers Generally, a profit ranging from 15% to 30% should be considered. If the calculation is based on 15%, the manufacturer's quotation should be 177÷85%=209 yuan. 5. Stone freight is 8-10 yuan/㎡ for 18mm stone, 14-16 yuan/㎡ for 25mm stone, and 18-23 yuan/㎡ for 30mm stone. One loading and unloading is considered. The choice of high and low costs mainly depends on the distance between the project location and the processing location.

For example, the price of 25mm stone is as follows: 1000÷(25+4)=34.48㎡; 4000÷34.48=116 yuan/㎡; 116+80=196 yuan/㎡; 196÷90%=217 yuan/㎡; 217÷85% =256 yuan/㎡, after considering the freight, 256+14=270 yuan/㎡. For example, the price of 30mm stone is as follows: 1000÷(30+4)=29.41㎡; 4000÷29.41=136 yuan/㎡; 136+80=216 yuan/㎡; 216÷90%=240 yuan/㎡; 240÷85% =282 yuan/㎡, after considering the freight, 282+18=300 yuan/㎡.


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