Foshan marble bathroom groove effect drawing

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The main advantage of using Foshan white marble grooves in the bathroom is to ensure the separation of dry and wet in the bathroom, the water in the bathroom will not be taken out, the shape is also beautiful, and the bathroom space can be better utilized to prevent the bathroom from slipping. Why can only marble be used for bathroom sinks? Marble is a high-hardness stone. Different from ceramic tiles, marble can be processed many times. There are many kinds of processing techniques for the surface of the board. Generally, economical and affordable stones can be used for quarrying stones in bathrooms, such as Foshan white marble, which is the most cost-effective stone. The marble machine-cut panel has an effective anti-slip effect. In the shower room, a piece of Foshan white marble is used to cut a non-slip trough plate, spread it in the middle of the shower room, and then make a low-lying water guide around it. This is the trough.

The bathroom platform is more non-slip, and grooves can be made on the surface of the platform to effectively let the water flow out. Foshan white marble has larger crystal particles and better water penetration. Make a waterproof bathroom. After taking a bath, the water in the trough will flow away quickly. The relatively high density of tiles cannot keep the bathroom dry. Ceramic tiles are finished stone materials and cannot be reprocessed. The surface of ceramic tiles is too smooth to provide anti-skid effect.

Bathroom marble groove decoration is the mainstream at this stage, and it will also be the trend in the future. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. specializes in customizing bathroom marble groove manufacturers. It can produce renderings for customers, and the factory direct sales price is more favorable.


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