Foshan Hanbaiyu marble railing handrail how much is one meter

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Foshan white marble marble is produced from the white marble mine in Pinggui District, Hezhou City, Foshan. Its marble railings and special-shaped processed products are mainly concentrated in Xiwan Industrial Park, Pinggui District. Foshan White Marble Bridge Railing Case Picture Marble special-shaped craft products are mainly divided into small columns, large columns, handrails, and bridge railings. Among them, railings and handrails are mainly used in villas, home decoration, indoor and outdoor decoration, and bridge railings are mostly used in flag raising platforms and stone balustrades. Bridges, riverside guardrails, etc. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. focuses on white marble marble special-shaped, carving, water knife and other craft products. With 13 years of processing experience, it has been customizing various specifications of marble railing special-shaped engineering stone for a long time. It has rich experience in stone processing. Detailed stone quotations can be called To 18978408396 (WeChat synchronization).

The materials used for special-shaped, stone railings, and bridge railings include marble and granite. Generally speaking, granite shaped railings have price advantages, but they do not have viewing advantages. In particular, some price stone railings are mainly made of white marble. Radiation requires regional granite, which can be safely and safely decorated without causing harm to the human body. Hezhou is one of the three major processing bases for marble special-shaped railings in my country. The main advantages are: 1. Foshan white marble (Foshan white stone) has a large resource reserve, accounting for 25% of the country's white marble. 2. It has a price advantage. Foshan white marble is called the most cost-effective dolomite, mainly because it is cheap.

3. With strong support from the government, there is no need to worry about insufficient supply, or lack of products due to mine suspension for rectification. Foshan white stone is mainly gray or yellow on a white background, and the processed products are divided into three categories: special, high-grade, and medium. It can not only meet the customization of engineering railings, but also customize white marble-level home decoration and villa decoration. Foshan Baishi railing project case map.


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