Flooring promotion using natural marble floor tiles

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The texture of natural marble is natural and beautiful, and the material is stable and reliable. It is very suitable for making floor tiles and stone for laying the ground. The family villa or office floor paved with marble floor tiles after typesetting can well show that it comes from natural The texture of marble and the beauty of transparent materials show an extraordinary decorative effect. Image of natural marble floor tiles Using marble floor tiles skillfully, black and white apartments can also be beautiful. The simple black, white and gray tones and marble floor tiles together create a pleasant living space. There is a black and white contrast at the entrance. The glossy white wall and the matte texture The black wall brings a strong visual impact, the mirror magnifies the visual space, and the light strip and ceiling light above bring sufficient light. The living room and dining room have an open layout, giving way to the aisle in the irregular space.

The ceiling light casts beautiful light and shadow on the wall, and the wall lamp also brings a soft atmosphere. The light gray leather sofa is paired with a round gray carpet to create a low-key sense of luxury, and two round coffee tables of different heights echo the carpet. The six-seater wooden dining table, combined with simple dining chairs and chandeliers, creates a balanced aesthetic. The marble-patterned floor tiles enrich the white kitchen space. The bedroom also uses a large area of ​​white, and the leather upholstered headboard brings softness. Tactile, neutralizes the harshness of a lot of white.

The TV is embedded in the black frosted background wall, forming a black and white contrast as a whole, and there is a small cloakroom behind the sliding door. The large mirror in the bathroom becomes the protagonist of the vision, and the surrounding light strips bring a full sense of high-end marble pattern to form a unity with the living space. The shower room is separated by a glass door, creating a dry and wet space. The bathroom is also equipped with a bathtub. The round shape is just right. There is also a small living room with a leather sofa, a round white carpet and a black side table. , creating a color contrast again.

Good marble floor tiles are transparent and thick, with clear layers. When touching the surface of the product, it feels warm and smooth, as delicate as a baby's skin, with unevenness. Each marble floor tile will have a texture and tactile effect like natural stone. non-slip reason.


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