Dry-hanging construction technology of Foshan marble-Foshan Stone Cube Stone Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Foshan marble dry-hanging construction technology has a complete set of technological processes. Foshan marble is mainly Foshan white stone with white background and gray pattern. One of the most glossy stones among many natural marbles, Foshan White Marble has medium hardness, suitable for indoor home decoration, indoor engineering specification slab dry-hanging stone, the most important thing is that its price is very affordable, and it is a medium-low stone type. First clean the structure surface of the dry-hanging marble part. Then snap the position of the skeleton to the main structure.

Generally, the position of the vertical rod is ejected first, and the anchor point of the vertical rod is determined. After the vertical rod is arranged, the position of the horizontal rod is bounced on the vertical rod. Drill and slot the holes to secure the anchors. Slot and drill holes in both ends of the slate first.

Insert one end of the stainless steel expansion tube bolt into the hole and fix it, and hang the anchor on the other end. Install the underlying marble slabs according to the position of the stainless steel anchors fixed to the wall. Adjust the flatness, verticality and gap of marble slabs.

Then use anchors to fix the stone slab firmly, and use embedding glue to fill and fix the anchors. First inject the embedding glue into the pin hole of the next row of slabs, wipe off the residual glue, and then install the upper row of marble slabs in place according to the method of installing the bottom slab. After the marble slab is hung and pasted, the surface should be cleaned and the dust in the gaps should be removed.

Paste a 10-15 mm wide plastic tape on the seam to prevent contamination of the board surface when caulking. 1. To install the background, firstly carry out the base-level treatment of the wall surface. The base-level wall surface must be cleaned without floating dust. It will be leveled and coated with a moisture-proof layer. 2. The keel is installed and fixed. For thick marble slabs, the use of steel keels can reduce the impact of the stone slab on the wall and improve the overall earthquake resistance.

According to the design drawing, drill holes on the wall to embed the fixing parts, weld the keel to the wall fixing parts, and then weld the keel to the support frame. Make sure that the keel is installed firmly and is flat with the wall. 3. For the installation of marble slabs, the overall horizontal line and vertical control line should be pulled well during the stone installation, and the slabs must be installed on the support.


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