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In fact, in our environment, the radiation of nature is everywhere, so any stone has radiation, and the radiation of artificial marble is much higher than that of natural marble. Most electronic equipment has radiation. Radiation, and radiation is much higher than stone. Under normal circumstances, the brighter the color of the stone, the higher the radiation, and the whiter the stone, the less radiation. Experts from the Standardization Institute of the National Building Materials Bureau believe that in nature, natural radioactivity exists objectively. Similarly, natural stone products also exist. For radioactivity, the key is to see if it exceeds the standard stipulated by the state. According to the data of environmental protection monitoring, it will be found that the radiation below 20μGy/h (microgray per hour) does not need to consider the hazard.

The radiation of Foshan white marble is only 2μGy/h, almost no radiation. Marble is metamorphosed by limestone in sedimentary rocks under the influence of external factors such as temperature and high pressure. Because the radioactivity of calcite and white stone is generally very low, it means that the marble metamorphosed from limestone with very low radioactivity has very low radioactivity.

According to the radioactive level of natural stone, the country divides natural stone products into three categories: A, B, and C. Class A products can be used in any occasion, including office buildings and family rooms; Class B products are harder than Class A, and cannot be used for interior surfaces of living rooms, but can be used for interior and exterior finishes of all other buildings; Class C products Stone generally belongs to artificial stone and can only be used for exterior finishes of buildings. Decoration renderings Natural stone exceeding the control value of Class C standards can only be used for other purposes such as seawalls, bridge piers, and monuments.

The radioactivity of Foshan white marble is very small, and the amount of radiation absorbed for one year in a normal home environment is far less than an X-ray examination, so there is no need to worry. Therefore, there is no reason for the outside world to say that marble has radiation and is not suitable for decoration. Natural marble radiation is often very low and does not pose a hazard at all.


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